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Ali Adams is an Atlanta-based, multidisciplinary designer who focuses on branding and digital design. He’s passionate about creating brand identities, digital experiences, and branded content that connect culture and commerce together. He believes in the relationship great experiences create, the power of a good story and the superiority of good design.


My process goes beyond just designing aesthetically beautiful imagery and into the mind of the consumer, where I believe good design should solve problems and position a brand so it stands out within its industry and niche. 

01. Define the purpose

When we define the purpose of the project first, it helps us live in the culture of the company where the vision, mission, and values are crystal clear to us. The purpose, if not already defined, is aspirational. It forms the organization’s/project reason for being. Therefore, it’s important to identify the right purpose for every project we encounter.

02. Align with audience

If you want to start a project, how do you frame it correctly? The answer, of course, all depends on who you’re targeting. Creating a strategy without a clear understanding of your audience is a bit like setting a boat adrift without navigational tools. The boat could sail anywhere, indeed, but it doesn’t have a clear, defined destination. Similarly, It’s dreadful to invest time and money into a project just to realize you’ve targeted the wrong audience.

03. Develop the story

Storytelling is a force stronger than ever. Technology has made it possible for any brand to change the conversation, and any brand who can master the art of storytelling can win the conversation. Brands are beyond just a transaction nowadays; brands are more of a movement—inspiring actions, stimulating the mind and the heart of their customers. All of the media we create is filtered through a strategic lens that constantly seeks to maximize an organization’s storytelling impact. We work with our clients to architect clear missions and calls-to-action to deploy in tandem with our deliverables.


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