Always End on High

A lot of us have productivity issues.

Whether it’s as simple as finishing a book you’ve been reading for months, or whether it’s finishing a project you’ve been procrastinating all week.

I came up with a little hack that will help you NOT dread coming back and finishing that book or other pending tasks and create overall better productivity habits in your life.

Always end on high.

If we’re reading a book, we always tend to wind down and close the book once it starts getting boring. We feel like we can’t keep up anymore and stop immediately.

Similarly, if we’re working on a project, homework, or whatever; we always stop the task when it starts getting boring. Therefore, we always end on a low point. When we come back to finish the task, our brain will associate it with the most recent experience (the last boring part that we read) and will automatically make us dread picking up the task and actually finishing it.

Imagine you met a person at a bar, you’ve engaged in a conversation and the person ends on a high—closing with an interesting story, vibe, etc. Then you’d be much more keen to meeting that person again and continuing the conversation than if that person ended on a super boring note (please stop talking about the weather).

So if you’re reading a book and you become extremely engaged in the narrative, or if you’re working on a project and you’ve finally overcome a block or gained some fulfillment from the progress you’re making, then I’d recommend you to mark that as a checkpoint and pause right after. This will make coming back to that task a lot less dreadful to the point where you’ll feel eager to coming back and finishing the task.

Obviously, sometimes a project might not have a high. If your job is just crunching numbers without any human interaction or if you’re working on a boring project, it can be hard to find a high. But I recommend you to find small wins that you can use as highs and that will make the task more interesting and engaging.

This method works best when you have a pending task that requires multiple sessions, or maybe a habit that requires recurring time slots in your calendar (reading) but feel free to apply it to whatever area best suits your life.

And since writing is my biggest dreaded task and I’m currently happy I finally wrote something out, I’ll use this small win to end on a high.

I hope you find this helpful.


Let me know how you go about conquering your tasks and staying consistent with your habits. ✌️

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